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Monday, April 26, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population has a spokesperson who once said that the discovery of a simple string of prime numbers from outer space would prove the existence of an intelligent being.

That was Carl Sagan.

These people will believe what Carl says but when they encounter the equivalent of 1,000 encyclopaedias worth of highly specified, formulated, coded information in the first one-celled life, they say that is not the finger print of an intelligent being.

These people know that there is no replication without this information.
These people know that there is no evolution without replication.

The information came first.

It did not accumulate gradually over a million billion zillion years.

It was there, in the first living cell.

This 1.6% of the population maintains their implausible position, not because of the evidence but in spite of the evidence. They must do this or their world-view will collapse.


  1. "It was there, in the first living cell."

    Woah dude! You have a copy of the first living cell? Why haven't you shared this with the world?

  2. If you feel the need for an education, you can start at number one and work your way through.

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    20) “(((Sigh))) Disappointing -

  3. In spite of the evidence? ok...

    Sophism, as expected, smoothly written.

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!

    You are actually quoting yourself 20 times !?!?!

    Can we just quote the comments you did not reply to as a response?

    That is seriously the funniest thing you ever posted, showing how big your ego is and how small your willingness to discuss is.

    Dude, after reading the previous post, I felt all bad for you... now I am back to thinking your're just a jackass! Wow! Thanks for posting that right away after saying you were abused as a child, it really puts the balance back in the middle... I really really felt bad for a minute. Actually for much more than that because I read the other post a few hours ago....... Too bad, I was going to be all nice but I guess you would not have care anyway, so thanks for saving some of my time actually!

    Plus you insult Carl Sagan... That's another wow, because yes, he was an atheist from what I have heard, but he was nothing like an outspoken atheist like your favorite target Dawkins... Actually, I have never ever heard Sagan talk about his non-belief in gods because all I watched were documentaries, sciences shows, and other non-religious-related things in which he was featured or quoted...

    Many people in Québec want to get independence of the province from the rest of the country... when I hear freaks like you from SK, I am starting to wonder if they might be right... even if most people over here also consider themselves as believer, ironic isn't it?

    Oh, but sure, it's because they are not true Christians like you, right? They are not good enough? You did make a post on that recently, explaining how the lives of believers are so much more interesting...

    Please ignore this post, it's just more trolling...