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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Greatest Need of All

The greatest need of our country is not political.
It’s not ideological.
It’s not even moral.
The greatest need for nations around the world is spiritual.

Our souls have atrophied. Dried out and shrivelled up. Profound indifference toward things that matter appears wherever atheism gains strength. In Russia, Romania, Slovakia, China, anywhere that atheism, including it’s cousins, eg. Buddhism (“The tears of another are only water.”) increases its influence, people reach a point where by they don’t even care that they no longer care.

Great wealth, education, health care, seemingly limitless choice of food - that is our heritage and yet our soul problem remains. Despair, loneliness, hiding in games and fearing to communicate face to face without a chemical lubricant, we march onward to ever greater numbing ourselves in busy - ness, virtual relationships, and mood altering chemicals both legal and illegal. We ignore the poor ten blocks over but weep for a whale stranded on a beach on the other side of the continent.

All the while, Jesus, the only possible healer of our souls sits on the sidelines waiting for us to notice.

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