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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Atheism / Fascism

Richard Dawkins says that an atheist government based on the principles of darwinism would most assuredly be a Fascist government.

Sam Harris not only agrees. He's all for it.

In the following, Sam thinks it’s the atheist’s place to tell us what we can and cannot think about. If he and other atheists had the power, they'd make it official.


  1. ... making it no different than theism.

  2. Where exactly in the video/text does Sam Harris promote the kind of government you are refering to?

    I did not hear him advocate for the selection of the strongest candidate of a society over the rest... that would be a "Darwinian" kind of government.

    I put quotes because it's obviously not the kind of government someone like Darwin would have supported; Hitler did though.

  3. Wait, how does:
    "For the world to tackle truly important problems, people have to stop looking to religion to guide their moral compasses, the philosopher Sam Harris told CNN."
    turn into:
    "He's all for it (Fascism)."?

    Where does using your brain = corporativism?

  4. You are a liar.

  5. - if GOD ask someone to kill someone else, is it moral?

    - GOD would NEVER do that!

    - but he did acording to ur holy book

    - ...

    Bring It On!

  6. Did you watch the AE TV show Anon X, I happen to have heard just that recently!

    Rod, just curious, when you told me I was "close", did you mean close to something, or close in the sense that you will simply ignore me from now on? just curious ;)

  7. How then do you explain the contents of these two sites. The first gives a very stark image of the integral role that churchianity in the Western imperialist project. The second could well be called applied applied Christian politics 101.

    Plus this reference re herr Schicklegruber and catholics in Germany