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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pope Protects Pedophiles

That's true, but not in the way you are thinking. Or, at least, not ONLY in the way that you're thinking. Let me back up a bit.

There are few things as disturbing as evil mixed with religion. That's why the enormous problem of pedophiles in the Roman Catholic Clergy will serve to hide the fact that pedophiles exist in every strata of humanity, every socio economic class, every race, every occupation - most certainly the occupations that grant adults "secret" and / or common access to children.

Evil lurks in all areas of life and the evil of pedophilia + religion will overshadow and run cover for pedophilia that exists next door and perhaps in your own home.

Pedophiles everywhere, especially those who are not in the Catholic Church are lucky. For now, all eyes are on the Pope and not on them.


  1. Some eyes are on the Boy Scouts too.

  2. Yes that is true the focus on the Pope does dim the exposing light on the pervs. Yes, they are there in the church as in the rest of society but...ONCE DISCOVERED.. what is done then? That is the real question. It is also true that homosexual males are statistically the least likely to molest children so these priests are sick, sick, sick but this is not a "gay" problem as some wish to think. The crime, the sad truth is not that there are pedophiles... the tragedy is PROTECTING them. They need to be denounced and the Pope/church should have been at the front of the line pointed the way to the door out of the church that should have lead to a cell.