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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Beauty of Disaster

In D. M. Murphy et al., “Influence of Sea-Salt on Aerosol Radiative Properties in the Southern Ocean Marine Boundary Layer,” Nature 392 - 62-65 and Micholar R. Bates, Anthony H. Knap, and Anthony F. Michaels, “Contribution of Hurricanes to Local and Global Estimate of Air-Sea Exchange of C02" Nature 395 - 58-61, we find that what we call natural disasters, Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, floods, etc., all deliver essential elements that are critical to the survival of humanity.

These are designed to deliver maximum benefit and minimum damage to human civilization. Humans exacerbate and compound the negative effect of these events by building where only idiots would build (eg. New Orleans, San Andreas Fault) and do what only idiots would do (eg. clear cutting of forests). That can’t be helped.

But to blame God for creating a biosphere with essential natural events is also the domain of idiots.

Atheists would like a God who eliminates all such events.

Follow the advice of atheists on this count and life itself would be eliminated.


  1. These are designed to deliver maximum benefit and minimum damage to human civilization.

    Designed!? What the...?

    By the way, don't you have flood/tornado in your province? Quick! Move! God did not want you there you idiot! You are in the pathway of essential natural events!

    People who moved near fault lines or hurricanes pathway learned only a few years ago that it was the case by the way. For you to call them idiots is really innapropriate. I cannot believe that you honestly think that. You probably reached your ass and pulled something out as usual, without thinking...

  2. Earthquake in Haiti actually shows God's Love.

  3. Disgusting.
    I actually do feel sorry for you sometimes.