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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jessie and Sandra

I couldn’t help it. Everyone is commenting on Sandra Bullock’s husband screwing around on her and the thought seems to be how awful he is for doing such a thing.

Folks, Jessie isn’t any worse than he was when she married him. I get so tired of people thinking they can marry a “bad” person and then fully expect h/him to treat them good.

And people seem to think that he is the “bad” one in the relationship and she is a good person.

A reality of relationships is: Health attracts health and sickness attracts sickness. If Sandra Bullock was a healthy woman, she wouldn’t have been attracted to this guy in the first place. If she was a good woman he wouldn't have shown any interest in her. In regard to emotional health, these two people’s characters are virtually identical.

She might not like what he did but it certainly shouldn’t have surprised her. If you want a partner who will treat you good, then you have to pick a partner whose character is good.

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