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Friday, March 26, 2010

What a World!

I’ve been on this earth a long time now. I’ve seen some amazing positive changes in how our society operates.

On the other hand:
When I was young some behaviours were called self-indulgence.
Today, those same behaviours are called self-fulfilment.

When I was young some behaviours were called moral irresponsibility.
Today, they’re called being free to find yourself.

When I was young some behaviours were seen by most as disgusting and obscene.
Today, they are not just tolerated but celebrated and taught in SCHOOLS as acceptable lifestyles.

When I was young discipline was seen as necessary.
Today it’s seen as repression.

When I was young some things were seen clearly as depravity.
Today, they’re called creative expression.

When I was young, killing pre-born children was seen as murder.
Today, it’s a choice.

When I was young, adultery was seen as wrong and harmful.
Today, it’s something that takes place freely between consenting adults.

When I was young, to tolerate meant that you disagreed with the behaviour but accepted the person.
Today, tolerance means that you agree with the behaviour.

When I was young, men were irresponsible, screwed around on their wives, smoked and drank and took part in other behaviours that shortened their lives, ended marriages and made their children wonder if they were loved.

I remember thinking that men were stupid and women were smart.

Today, women have fought for and won the right to be just as destructive to themselves, to relationships and their children.

Some people call this progress.

What a world!

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  1. Well I agree with some of what you write for once; that's a positive change ;)