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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Atheists - Dull of Mind or Devious?

Relatives of the three young women brought to safety after ten years of sexual captivity are certain to say, “This is a miracle,” and “God works in mysterious ways.”

Just as certainly you will hear atheists say, “Ya, so why wasn't God there to keep them from being stolen in the first place?”

This is what I mean when I say that regarding all things theological, atheists are dull of mind and slow of thought. They simply cannot get it. We live in a fallen world. Human nature is corrupt to the core. The depths of our evil is almost beyond comprehension. Because of that we suffer. We experience pain and loss, sometimes at unspeakable levels. God, our Creator defeats evil, He defeats the goal of evil, which is to destroy us, by using evil to bring about good. Atheists see this played out literally countless times yet they cannot comprehend what is going on before their very eyes.

Dull of mind? Slow of thought? Or devious?

Do atheists purposely twist the obvious to pad their own world-view?

Take the case of the Old Testament. Atheists are forever saying ridiculous things like, “Why do you eat Shellfish? The Bible says you aren't supposed to.” Or they say, “Why aren't you stoning your cheeky child? The Bible says you must.”

Dull of mind? Slow of thought? Or Devious?

Do they really not know? Or are they twisting the obvious to pad their own world-view?

God takes the evil that is and always will be present in our world and He takes the schemes of those who've rejected Him and He traps those people in their own schemes.

Is it that atheists can't get it, or do they simply pretend to not get it for their own ends? Like all humans, Christians included, some atheists are devious. For the most part however, I think that when it comes to the spiritual aspect of humanity, atheists simply have eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear and an intellect as thick as a post.

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  1. Ah yes, miracles. I don't see them.
    I see a bad, depraved man kidnapping three girls,abusing them, aborting at least one fetus, and living his violent chain fantasies. Horrible.
    I see another man, reacting to a cry for help, freeing a captive, and informing police. I see police doing their job. No gods involved in that story. If the relatives want to be thankful for getting their loved ones back, they can say thank you to the guy who responded, because he, not YHV, is the savior of those girls.
    Atheists don't argue with god or make him responsible for bad things. They merely point to your Christian cherry picking: if it's good, then it's god's work. If it's bad, then it happened because of human fallen bad nature. Ridiculous. Man can be good or bad and anything in between. So give credit for good acts, and punish bad ones.