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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't Let Oprah Take You To Hell

A few weeks ago 14,000 people crammed into our arena to listen to Oprah give her sermon. It's not the 14,000 people that makes me weep. It's that many of those people would call themselves a follower of Jesus. There is hardly a person in modern times who has and is doing more to turn people away FROM Jesus and leading them by the nose directly into hell than Oprah. And it's Christians, CHRISTIANS! who pay her money to give them advice on their spiritual lives. 

Tragic doesn't half describe it. 

Will you go to hell because you didn't believe in Jesus?
(Atheists think they're guilty of a "thought crime")
No, you will go to hell because you're a sinner; an unforgiven sinner.

Just like you wouldn't die because you didn't go to the doctor
You'd die because you were sick

Had you gone to the doctor you could have been made well
Had you gone to Jesus you could have had your sins forgiven

We have Freedom to choose or to reject Jesus' offer of forgiveness

God is responsible for the fact of freedom
We are responsible for our acts of freedom
"I am so sorry Father God for who we are. I am just so sorry."

1 comment:

  1. That whole stunt relies on the Father's curse, which condemns all humans. That is the sickness you are talking about.
    So you turn to Jesus to have his Dad's curse removed. Looks like a fine family business.
    Dad produces demand, son delivers.
    Do you really think such a simple-minded con family would be able to produce a single quasar, shape Scandinavia and work out the intricacies of quantum physics?