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Monday, May 20, 2013

"These men and women (those opposed to Big Bang) have built their entire worldview on atheism. When I was a student at MIT in the late 1960s, I audited a course in cosmology from the physics Nobelist Steven Weinberg. He told his class that of the theories of cosmology, he preferred the Steady State Theory because “it least resembled the account in Genesis.”
Cosmologist Frank Tipler

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  1. Well, Dr. Tipler is known for his amusing physicist humor, filling a well-known vacuity, about which nothing can be inferred, with either a being in the process of becoming a god, or a strange trinity of a Hebrew desert god (who was cobbled together in 400 BCE from two different gods, one good, the other vile and vindictive), and his son (a honorary title of Roman Emperors), of course born by a virgin like all those savior figures, and a badly camouflaged Greek logos personalization. Indeed a patchwork family. And they live before the big bang, and Dr. Tipler knows it.
    You know, the difference between Weinberg and tipler is that Weinberg is an eagle, and Tipler a chicken. An eagle can err and fly as low as a chicken. But a chicken always flies low...