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Monday, May 6, 2013

My Atheist non Belief

God does not exist
God probably doesn't exist
I'm a non believer in God.
That's the latest evolution of atheism. Forget the dictionary. Atheists morph and seguay this way and that saying whatever will fit the moment. In fact, atheists have spent years trying to figure out which comment, “Atheists deny the existence of God,” or “Atheist are non believers in God,” will work the majority of times. 

They've chosen the latter definition for this reason and this reason alone. To say, “I believe,” or “I don't believe,” requires evidence for the belief or lack of belief. And of course there is absolutely no reason to not believe that an immaterial Creator exists when science itself points more clearly every year that just such a Creator is required to explain reality as we see it.
Nevertheless, atheists now say, “I'm a non believer in God,” just a though the that get's them off the hook for ignoring the massive amount of material evidence that is before them day and night, every day of their lives. Like a witness to a murder, who tells the police, “I didn't see anything,” atheists turn their backs on a whole universe worth of evidence and think that somehow justifies, “I'm just a non believer.”
Big deal! It means nothing except you're a person who ignores scientific empirical evidence to justify a preposterous world-view.

1 comment:

  1. Atheists don't "deny" the existence of god. That would be presupposing his/her existence. And there is no good reason for such a strange presupposition.
    The idea that the existence of a universe points to a creator is intuitive - typical for a three-year old - but neither cosmogony nor geology, biology, or any other science points
    into that direction.
    As for the "scientific empirical evidence " for a Hebrew folk god being the creator of the world, sending and sacrificing his son, thus saving all believers from his own curse, such evidence is not at all published, thesauros.
    Instead, the Israeli archaeologists who desperately want to find evidence for the captivity, the exodus, the conquest of canaan, King David, King Solomon, etc - all described in full detail in your holy scripture - they don't find any. It's all a hoax. A fabricated history.
    No - and by that I mean zero - sane scientist will even try to defend the account of the creation given in Genesis. All the evidence goes into quite other directions.
    We know positively that man was not created in a different process involving clay and ribs. We share genetic information with everything else that lives. No special creation.
    So, where in Baal's heavens is that "scientific evidence" for your god that you talk about?