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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Atheist David Silverman and Sex

David Silverman is of course a hard-core atheist relativist. No concept of objective morality enters his life. Or so he claims. He may be right. Here's an example. What do you think?
Let's say David had spent the morning making sure that some cheerleaders at a small rural school stopped praying to God. This kind of thing really gets atheists jacked up and David was ready to go at them all day long. In fact David had told his wife that he wouldn't be home till late. Surprisingly the young girls were easily intimidated and said they'd quit praying as of that moment. David gave a shrug of success and headed home – early.
He came in the front door of his home and was about to say, “Honey, I'm home,” when he heard some noises from upstairs. It sounded like his wife was in physical trouble. She was moaning, and gasping for breath. He ran up the stairs, two at a time. When David got to the bedroom door there was his wife humping their best friend. The noises she was making were not from physical distress but from extreme pleasure.
What the hell are you doing?” screamed Silverman.
Panting and turning to look back over her shoulder, David's wife said, “What am I doing? What does it look like I'm doing?” She gave a grin at her bedroom partner and shuddered with remembered pleasure.
Get out” Silverman yelled at their so-called friend. “If I ever catch you with my wife again I'll kill you!”
What is wrong with you?” David's wife asks. “We're having some fun. Besides, what are you doing coming home in the middle of the afternoon?”
Ignoring her question, David fumed, “This is so not okay.”
According to who?”
According to me, you stupid bitch. Not only are you screwing around with who knows how many men, but you lied to me. When we got married you told me that being faithful was important to you.”
It was. I guess I changed my mind.”
Silverman reiterated, “You lied to me. How can I ever trust you again?”
Looks like you can't, I guess. You're not going to tell me that's wrong, are you?”
It is wrong. Screwing around on your partner is wrong!”
According to who?”
According to me. How dense can you be?”
Well, according to me, it isn't wrong. What makes your opinion any better than my opinion?”
Society says it's wrong.”
What society? Lot's of people have open marriages. I guess I belong to a group that thinks it okay to explore my sexuality when I want, where I want and with whomever I want. Have you ever considered that maybe it's your prudish morality that's wrong? Listen to Greta Xtina. She'd agree with me. And your friend Dawkins says that it's abusive to expect husbands and wives to remain monogamous. And isn't it you who says that nothing is right or wrong? Just a couple days ago in Boston you said, “Sometimes life sucks. We need to accept that and support each other when it happens.” Isn't that exactly what you said to those at the atheist memorial service? Sometimes life sucks and I guess that for you, this is one of those times. Relax David. Hey, I could use one more orgasm. You up for it?”
Do you think that's how the hard-core relativist David Silverman would handle this situation? Or does he, like all other atheists, say morality is relative but actually live as though it's objective? 

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