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Friday, April 19, 2013

Atheists and Chronological Snobbery

Bronze-age Camel Herders.”
Ever hear that term?
If you have, you'll have heard it in reference to atheists and their sardonic ideas about people who wrote the Bible.
Atheists actually believe that we are not only more intelligent than those who lived several thousand years ago, they think that we're more morally advanced. In my opinion, one must be totally out of touch with reality to be able to hold those beliefs.
Those among us who display chronological snobbery actually believe that newness is automatically a virtue and that oldness is a vice. These people believe that there is a “Best Before Date” on truth. They fail to notice that truth and beauty and goodness are not determined by time. They fail to notice that ideas are not inferior just because they are “old” nor are ideas valuable just because they are modern.
Richard Dawkins says, “it's a sign of historical puerility to see the writings of one century through the politically tinted glasses of another.” Yet this is exactly how Dawkins reads both the Old and New Testaments. Sadly so too do those who follow the example of their High Priest. 

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