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Friday, April 5, 2013

Atheists and Good Parenting

The existence of evil and “pointless” suffering is of course a much greater problem for atheists and evolutionists than they are for Christianity.
Why kill for joy?
Why torture for amusement?
Why destroy the very planet that we need for our survival?
Why kill those who bear our own genetic code – you know, the genes that we'll do anything to ensure the survival of?

Christianity explains the world exactly as we see it. Christianity explains why we find it impossible to be sedulously good people. Nevertheless atheists, from time to time observe correctly, “If my child was suffering and I had the power to do something about it, I wouldn't just sit back and watch the pain happen. Since that's what God does, I refuse to acknowledge His obvious existence.”
The thing is, God hasn't just sat back and watched. In fact His plan of action was put in place before the founding of the universe. God did come to rescue us. And in reality Creator God is the only One who could do the rescuing. We humans, born His enemies (as atheists themselves correctly state), are powerless to restore a healed relationship and to change our character. What's more, the rescuing that God brings about takes place on several levels.
First – the most important level of rescue, our Creator has made it possible to be rescued from eternity in hell. He refused to sit back and allow our bent toward evil to destroy us completely. He took this rescue mission so seriously, that if you are intent on spending eternity in hell, you will have to step over Jesus' dead body to get there.
Second – our Creator has not just rescued us from the main consequence of sin which is eternal spiritual death, He's also rescued us from the power of sin. Yes, it's true, now that we've demanded to know evil as well as good, we've exposed ourselves to a life of pain, loss, grief and fear. That was our choice (one that each of us make virtually on a daily basis) and they are now part of our short time on earth. There will be no freedom from the presence of these things until Jesus returns to set things right. However, until then, the apostle Paul describes it best, “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
2nd Corinthians 4:17.
How can he say such a thing about the trials we face? Because of Jesus'   indwelling Spirit, the death of loved ones, sickness, poverty, pain, fear and grief need not be devastating for us. Not only do we need not grieve like those who have no hope, we do not need to live as those who have no hope. Nor do we do not need to mistake those things that are meant to distract us from life, for life itself.
At some level atheists know that looks, or relationships, or power or position or wealth or sports or work and so on do not provide real life. Their problem is, they have nothing else but the things of the world to reflect back to them a feeling of value and worth, of security and belonging. Sadly, mistaken atheists even think these things give their lives meaning and purpose.
The atheist solution to this conundrum is to rail against God for not giving us paradise – NOW!
At first glance you might mistake this wailing and moaning about the seeming injustice of life to mean that atheists actually care about people. Statistically we see that if “caring about” is measured by the behaviours of getting off your butts and “caring for,” atheists pretty much take care of number one. What's more, if you listen closely, you'll find that atheists aren't actually complaining about the suffering masses. Instead they're complaining about God allowing any suffering at all to exist. Isn't that just like atheists? Twisting everything around so they can complain about the God they don't believe in; the God they say they never think about? Atheists sit at their computers in their temperature controlled homes, howling about the injustice and insensitivity of God, while those who have never seen a computer and who sleep on a dirt floor in some hut, or who sleep on the cold damp concrete floor of their atheist jailer's cell, bask in God's love and mercy and grace. It's not amputees who screech at God. It's perfectly healthy atheists who shake their fists at God supposedly on behalf of amputees.
Atheists seem to think that good parenting is making sure your children never suffer any pain or loss or affliction.
Atheists seem to think that good parenting means giving their children everything the child wants regardless of outcome.
Atheists fail to see that suffering is pointless only if God DOES NOT exist.

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  1. More straw men than a Wizard of Oz festival on Guy Fawkes day.