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Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Would An Atheist Say?

After the recent bombing in Boston, there was a huge outpouring of insult and anger from atheists over the interfaith service.
Atheists (those who mock and ridicule faith and treat with disdain, derision and contempt those who live by faith in Creator God) felt terribly offended that they weren't invited to speak at this interfaith service.
In fact, atheists who posted their thoughts were certain that they would find no comfort at such an event and so, in a huge pout they refused to attend.
And so I wonder, if there had been an atheist memorial service, if there had been a purely secular event, what words of comfort would an atheist say? What words of comfort would an atheist say that wouldn't have been said at the interfaith service?
What words of hope?
What words of assurance?
What words of life would an atheist say at a time of tragic death? I mean, besides the usual, “God is evil. God is a monster for causing such an awful thing to happen. Christians are idiots for praying at a time like this."
At such a gathering of the proud and godless, I would anticipate the same old saprogenic crap that one encounters every day on atheist blogs.

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