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Monday, April 15, 2013

"Both Theist and atheist physicists are in agreement on a few key points. Notably, because matter, space, time, and energy are properties of the universe, they cannot be the cause of the universe. Therefore, whatever the cause of the universe is, it must be immaterial, spaceless, timeless, and energy-less. But God and nothing are just that – immaterial, spaceless, timeless and energy-less.

However, since science is not and never will be capable of examining things of an immaterial, spaceless, timeless and energy-less nature, deciding whether God or nothing is the best candidate for the cause of these can, ultimately, only done philosophically. So we must decide whether an eternally existent consciousness (God), or nothing is the best candidate for having creative properties. And unless one is an ideologically driven atheist, the choice is clear. How and why the majority of the most important contributors to modern physics have concluded that God is the best explanation. Theism is the view which is by far most compatible with modern physics and what we know re: cause and effect." 

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