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Monday, April 1, 2013

 “For, from one point of view, there is nothing controversial in describing forces or mechanisms as “blind.” Quite obviously, most are. The strong ans weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism and gravity have no eyes to see with, either physical or mental. And most mechanisms are blind – think of a watch, a car, a CD, a computer hard-disc. Moreover, they are not only blind but also unconscious; indeed, to be even more precise, they are incapable of conscious thought since they have no mind to thing with. But those mechanisms, though blind in themselves, are all the products of minds that are far from being blind; such mechanisms are intelligently designed. What is more, this holds even for mechanisms that involve and element of randomness in their operations.”
John Lennox

 Lennox provides a simple thought experiment as an illustration to point out how absurd is the connection that atheists purport to make regarding the pseudo connection between evolution and “No God.” Imagine an automobile factory in which all of the manufacturing is done by robots. Can we declare that because all of the world is accomplished by robots, no intelligence is involved in the manufacturing process? To make such a declaration, we would need to also declare that the robots, the software that guides the robots, and the factory itself were not the products of intelligence. But any reasonable person can see that this is not the case. Human intelligence was clearly involved. Richard Dawkins is clearly not intelligent enough to avoid this mistake when “refuting” the blind watchmaker, for he fails to see that the watch exists within an infinitely huge watch factory.

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