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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

atheist Dawkins loves Thomas

Often, at Easter, the account of “Doubting Thomas” is recounted. This account is the one where the disciples were hiding behind locked doors for fear that they too would end up on a Roman cross just like Jesus. As they were in the room sharing some fish and bread, Jesus appeared. Since dead people do not naturally rise from the dead, they responded with disbelief. Yet, not long before, these men had been told by some women that they, the women, had been to the tomb where Jesus had been buried, only to find it empty. What's more, the women said, they'd been told by angels that Jesus had risen from the dead – just as He's predicted.
As the account goes, Thomas wasn't there when Jesus appeared and when the guys later told Thomas what had happened he famously said, “Unless I touch the nail wounds in this hands and place my hand in the spear wound in His side, I will not believe any reports that Jesus has risen from the dead.”
Richard Dawkins loves this account because he thinks that Thomas reacted the same as Dawkins would. You see, Thomas demanded, as does Dawkins, empirical evidence before belief.
Because Richard Dawkins is so incredibly dull of mind regarding all things to do with his Creator, he doesn't understand that every single one of Jesus followers required then, and still require today, empirical evidence to believe. Only atheists live with blind faith to follow their world-view. Read the Gospels. You'll see that time after time after time, all of the disciples required extra proof to believe at yet another level. My favourite example is found in the last chapter of John. “We didn't dare ask if it was Him because we knew it was.” This is after more than a month of repeatedly seeing the risen Jesus in many and varied situations, times, places and with different people.
Oh, and the main difference between Thomas and Richard Dawkins? When confronted with irrefutable evidence of the risen Jesus, Thomas admitted, “My Lord and my God.” Richard, as do all atheists, rejects and ignores the evidence before them. 

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