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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jesus Interrupted

When I look through the Gospels, I can’t help but notice how Jesus’ day, every day, was one of constant interruptions. He had an agenda. Jesus had come to earth to proclaim the arrival of God’s Kingdom. He had towns to visit. Lessons to teach. Proofs of God’s Kingdom to display.

Yet, where ever He was going it was blind men calling out “Son of David.” Lepers begging for healing. Funeral processions stopped. There were always people grasping, touching, pulling, crowding, asking and asking and asking for His attention - asking for His attention.

I get the feeling of being sucked dry just reading about it.

To Jesus - well - to Jesus it was completely different.

The reason that people couldn’t interrupt Jesus from His agenda is because people were His agenda.

Jesus came to earth with the expressed purpose of bringing us safely home.

The reason that people can’t interrupt Jesus from His agenda is because people are His agenda.

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